Glimmer of Hope

Things are looking up a bit - for one, I've been feeling a bit better as is the past few days and been able to work more seriously on the BPAL backlog, and then secondly, I have a confirmed dr's appt - a housecall - for the middle of this week, and so there's a good possibility that I'll be more stable, energetic and functional after that visit.

Regardless, I should have a bunch of shipping updates tomorrow, and I'll post DCs and zips here publicly, along with what category the shipments are from (i.e. which circle, swap, or pick up).

This also means I should be able to work through my email backlog a bit more quickly and reply to those who have been waiting on responses. I'm so sorry it's been such a long and slow process - I know how anxious you all must be.


Hey everyone,

Since I can no longer post in Sin & Salvation, I figured posting updates here is the best way I can inform the largest number of people at once. All future updates will be posted here from now on, with cross-posting to S&S should I regain my rightful posting access.

I apologize, again, for the tremendous delay; it's really unacceptable that so many of you have been waiting for so very long for perfume I promised you and which you sent me perfume or money in exchange for. I'm also very sorry that I have been difficult to reach at times and slow to respond to attempts at contact. I have been getting a tremendous, overwhelming number of emails and pms that I'm not able to handle and respond to in my current state, though I am determined to get back to everyone eventually, individually and thoroughly. I know that's not encouraging news for right now, but I can't promise anything else and I want to be completely honest about my situation.

My health has declined further, to the point that I am, as I was back in April and early May, nearly completely dysfunctional, with at most an hour or two a week during which I can function enough to complete even simple tasks like housekeeping, cooking, driving, or packaging up perfume. I am in a desperate and nearly hopeless situation right now. My pain is quite bad, though not the worst it's been; the more serious problem is that I immensely exhausted 99% of the time, no matter how much or how little I sleep. I nearly always feel like I just want to keep sleeping, and some days I sleep 18 hours in a day. The meds that I'm currently taking for my pain only make me more sedated.

Worse, I don't wake up to my alarms, no matter how many I set, and when I am 'awake', I have virtually no energy. I've driven once in the past two weeks, and I almost fell asleep while driving. My roommate helps when he can and does some errands for me, but he's very busy with a full courseload of summer classes, with papers and tests basically every other day, and unfortunately he's just not able to help me with my perfume backlog, for the most part - it's not work that he's good at. This is work that I need to do.

I'm hoping that by Friday or Saturday I'll have some meds that will improve my mental state so that I'm actually able to function, and that I'll be able to power through the perfume backlog. I know that two days of really good days of hard, continuous work will enable me to finish sending everything out, and I'm hoping that comes this weekend once I'm on better meds.

I don't want to make promises I can't keep, but as I have always said in my updates - I take this situation very seriously and I am committed to sending everyone the promised perfume. I have all the promised perfume, and it has all been set aside for each person. I am embarrassed, depressed, and upset about my slowness and I wish more than anything that I could fulfill my obligations to you all more quickly. I think about this situation all the time, nearly constantly, and despite everything - I still feel confident that I CAN get everything shipped out.

I hope to have more hopeful news soon, with some shipping updates, and will post as soon again as soon as I do - and I hope that will be in a few days. I've disabled comments bc I don't wish to deal with anymore drama and unfortunately, there is nothing anyone can say that would improve this awful situation. Everyone's who's been supportive or even just patiently quiet - thank you. I appreciate it tremendously.
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UPDATE 6/18: Before I could even update this circle with the CnS, the box had arrived - namely today! So these should be ready to ship out very soon, and there's going to be some decant combining and shipping refunds as a result, since this is a free-shipping circle.

UPDATE 6/19: Ugh, so when I unwrapped everything it turns out I had *no* Cykranoshian Catnip bottle - the labbies simply forgot to put it in my box. :( So I'll have to email Ted about replacing that ASAP. Sorry guys. At least I can get everything else done for the circle in the meantime.

UPDATE 6/19: A very generous person in this circle is lending me her bottle so I can proceed more quickly with the decanting, yay!
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Please note that I am now operating at normal functionality again so things shall be progressing much more quickly as they did in the past, and again my sincerest apologies for the last two months of delays. A huge THANK YOU to you all for your faith and trust in me, without which I couldn't still be decanting. <3

UPDATE 6/18: Finally, we have a CnS, as of 8:26 pm EST today. I have no idea why this order took so long to arrive considering it is one of the fastest orders I have ever placed, and was not particularly large. You can follow the tracking here.

Bat's Day Decant Circle

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UPDATE 05/17 On Saturday the 15th, I received the BPTP portion of this circle, and today, on Monday the 17th, I received the BPAL portion, so I can get to a-decanting relatively soon!

UPDATE 05/30 Decanting in progress. I'm trying to get these all out on Tuesday, June 1st.
All bottles for individuals and the circle were successfully acquired and have been sealed and bubble wrapped for their return home with me. I am busy and tired and sick but mission accomplished and UPDATES to all involved shall be emailed personally once I am home with a non-retardedly-slow internet connection.

Thanks everyone!
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UPDATE - 4/22: This circle is now completely full and closed with no slots in any scents remaining. And, I forgot to mention that these all arrived home safely from Chicago in my luggage. :)

C2E2/Chicago Exclusives Decant Circle

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UPDATE - 4/20: All bottles for this circle and for pick-ups have been successfully acquired unless you have been told otherwise (this applies only to one person who contacted me on the night of the 17th), and all have arrived home safely - though my bag was inspected, and I haven't counted all yet, I assume they didn't steal anything - no leakage or breakage, yay! I did acquire a second bottle of CoA spray so all those decants shall be honoured. This decanting will take a while as I must finish Sakura-con first, but I will update once I've started decanting. One further thing - Banned in Boston ended up being $26 (not $20 as I priced the decants according to) and both the sprays ended up being $25 (not $20). So, UNLESS you contact me and ask for a full decant(s) and wish to pay for that extra (which can be done as a personal payment if you wish to avoid fees), you will receive an appropriately less-than-full decant(s) to compensate for the higher cost of these 3 items. I just cannot deal with the administration of contacting each of you one by one considering the size of this circle, and I hope you understand!

UPDATE 4/22: This circle is now completely full and closed with no slots in any scents remaining.

UPDATE 5/3: As Egg Moon & Black Helicopters arrived not long before I left for five days in CA (for WCWC and Bat's Day, and unplanned and last minute trip), and because those scents have a time limit, I am decanting that circle first, then this one. I'll post as soon as I am full-on decanting THIS circle, and I apologise for the delay. I just want to make sure that my other decantees can still get those LEs before they can come down.

UPDATE 5/23: I've been decanting this circle as quickly as I can and am about mid-way through (the entire process - packaging takes more time than decanting) but it's a large and complicated circle for me, so I thank you in advance for your patience.

Sakura-con Decant Circle

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UPDATE - 04/08: This evening, the bottles all arrived safely, decanting to start shortly!

UPDATE - 04/15: Much of the grunt work (labels, spray decants) is done, but decanting is proceeding slowly because of all the administration occurring for C2E2 - that's about 200 emails a day, btw. I also was completely unable to make the 2ml glass atomizers snap together without breaking them/spilling oil - a fun experience when I hate wisteria above all! So ALL atomizers regardless of size are plastic, but the 2ml plastic happen to be significantly larger in size than the glass ones despite both supposedly being 2ml and from the same supplier - at least you will be getting more spray. :)

UDATE - 05/04: I was too ill to decant or drive 90% of the time (inadequate motor control that would only allow me to function fully for brief moments) until about a week ago, and I was in CA for 5 days sans laptop or any luggage (they wouldn't let me check my bag), and just got back on Sunday the 2nd.

I am EXTREMELY sorry for the unacceptable delay on my end, as the health problem (which appeared rather suddenly, worsened rapidly, then seems magically cured by a new med I got on before I left for CA) crippled me just after I started doing all these circles. And I apologise for not keeping people up-to-date with what was going on (though I did post in S&S, I believe, with some form of update) - I have 5 circles I'm running at the moment and I went to both CA and c2e2 so it's all been a big mess.

These HAVE been decanted, and just need packaging up. Americans should receive a DC # from paypal when I print your label within the next few days. Again, my deepest apologies to all of you and I hope you will consider dealing with me in the future. I am usually a very fast swapper, decanter and seller as my feedback shows and the past two months have been unlike anything I've had to deal with before.

UPDATE 5/24: Every parcel except for those that are to be combined with the C2E2 decants I'm working on now have been shipped, and those few people have stars to the left of their names (under the PAID section) to indicate that. Otherwise, you should have already or will soon receive these decants. Thanks to everyone who has been so patient and supportive throughout this!